[Tutor] Unicode? UTF-8? UTF-16? WTF-8? ;)

Ray Jones crawlzone at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 17:23:51 CEST 2012

On 09/05/2012 08:18 AM, eryksun wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 10:51 AM, Ray Jones <crawlzone at gmail.com> wrote:
>> subprocess.call(['dolphin', '/my_home/testdir/\u044c\u043e\u0432'])
>> Dolphin's error message: 'The file or folder
>> /my_home/testdir/\u044c\u043e\u0432 does not exist'
> "\u" only codes a BMP character in unicode literals, i.e. u"unicode
> literal". You forgot the 'u'.
What with all the 'u's floating around in the unicode escape characters,
I didn't realize I needed to add yet another one! You're right. It worked.

Thank-you everyone.


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