[Tutor] help me decide

Prasad, Ramit ramit.prasad at jpmorgan.com
Wed Sep 5 19:22:22 CEST 2012

From: Matthew Ngaha
> i feel confident using Python now but im still not
> sure which direction i want to go in. I would at some point like to
> learn how to use GUIs and a web Framework(Django). But i don't know
> which of the 2 to start out with.
> a) IF you happen to have used both, which one fills you with joy and
> is more fun for you to program with, GUI programming, or web related /
> Framework programming?
> b) which was easier and less complex for you to learn? or should i say
> had a lower learning curve? i ask this because the sooner i get an
> understanding of one, i can maybe give the other one a go. But if it's
> too hard i usually give 100% to it and never try learning anything
> else until it computes.


> Before i try to learn either, GUIs or a web Framework, i was looking
> into maybe getting a deeper understanding of OOP. my tutorial only
> covered it briefly.
> f) would this be a good idea tackling OOP next before the other 2, or
> is this a skill you master with more programming experience?
> ok my last question is not so important:) im just curious as i grow
> more fond of programming. well i keep reading Python is an all-purpose
> general programming language(web frameworks, desktop apps,
> science/maths etc..). I notice Java has similar features so should
> also be considered an all-purpose general programming language. my
> question is:
> g) not a comparison in 1 specific area, but which language is better
> or more suited to all around all-purpose quality.
> thanks guys

I would second the wxPython framework as a popular and fully featured
framework; being popular means it will likely be easier to get help
on it. I was *not* a fan of GUI in Java using Swing. 

Stick with Python, but this list is probably biased. :)

The real question is what do you want to *do* with it? The 
purpose or intent probably matters more than which you pick.
If you are learning for the sake of learning I would probably
point you in the direction of web frameworks. In my personal
opinion there is more opportunity there. Not to mention that
the basics you learn in web frameworks will help  you design 
web sites in other languages as well. Whereas desktop applications
will probably be a lot more specific to the framework/language
and project. That is just my personal observations. Others 
(including you) may disagree.


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