[Tutor] web frameworks

Matthew Ngaha chigga101 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 21:41:24 CEST 2012

Hi all, i had a recent post about learning about guis and web
applications. i decided to try guis 1st, but i also decided that maybe
a very very very simple web framework would not be too much work for
me to study once in  while. I decided on Flask because i read it's the
simpliest framework out of all the others i've researched, only to
find out it's not supported on Python 3:(.. i wondered if someone with
experience can tell me, in their opinion a framework with a similar
learning curve to Flask that a beginner can easily understand and is
supported on Python 3. i thought cherrypy, but was told it's not
nearly as simple as Flask, and since my main focus is learning GUIs, a
simple web framework will be ideal only to understand how they work. i
understand Javascript  only a little, but html and css a bit better

also is mod_python similar to a framework? does it perform the same
tasks and also make good web applications? would this be a better

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