[Tutor] 'class' for someone with no object oriented programming experience

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Yes, I've noticed that.  However, after being asked to go re-read the
classes section on python.org, it makes more sense to me.  I've found it's
the terminology used and until you have that down, the rest is gibberish.
I'm doing ok, now, but still have a lot to learn on them.  I think the only
way I'll get it for sure is to do it. Do it again.  Again.  Again.  Again.
I'm not concerned about it so much because each time I go over it again, I
understand more.

On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 11:53 AM, Alan Gauld <alan.gauld at btinternet.com>wrote:

>  Classes elude me almost entirely.  I've followed the tutorials at
>> http://bit.ly/MCAhYx and http://goo.gl/c170V but in neither one do
>> classes click.
> OK, the problem is all those tutorials assume you understand OOP and only
> show you how Python does it. You need something that explains OOP first (or
> as well).
> You can try the OOP topic in my tutor or google for an intro to OOP.
> Unfortunately OOP is one of those topics that has grown up from several
> different sources and so there are many slightly divergent views on what
> exactly it means. But the general gist is usually the same.
>  element to python, it's like building a car from the ground up but never
>> learning how to add oil.
> Actually you can go a very long way in Python without OOP.
> Certainly without classes. Its more like building a car
> from the ground up but not understanding thermodynamics.
>  As an example, I am going to reference this:
>> http://stackoverflow.com/**questions/6671620/list-users-**
>> in-irc-channel-using-twisted-**python-irc-framework<http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6671620/list-users-in-irc-channel-using-twisted-python-irc-framework>
> Don;t even contemplate using Twisted as a concept learning tool, except
> for Twisted itself! :-)
> Twisted is very powerful but its not for beginners.
>  Are there any better resources for learning classes for someone who's
>> never touched object oriented programming in the past besides basic
>> interpretation for debugging purposes?
> There are many but the focus needs to be on OOP - the why and wherefore
> not the language syntax.
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