[Tutor] [Semi-OT] Yes or no on using a Graphical IDE?

Dave Angel d at davea.name
Sun Sep 16 07:20:24 CEST 2012

On 09/16/2012 12:48 AM, Wayne Werner wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Sep 2012, leam hall wrote:
>> Hey all, not trying to contribute to the flames of one graphical IDE
>> over
>> another. I'm just trying to figure out if they are worth the learning
>> curve? I
>> have been doing most of my work in vi and the graphical IDE I'm
>> supposed to use
>> for a class keeps adding crap that I have to erase, and I have to
>> move my hands
>> to use the GUI parts instead of just typing.
>> Is there a point in which a GUI IDE becomes more of a help than a
>> hindrance?
> If you really like vi, then probably not ;)
> I do my Python coding in Vim with some plugins. I use IPython or
> BPython interpreters for quickly running code/examining modules. I
> search duckduckgo for "python somemodule.method" to get docs/helpful
> examples for what I'm looking for.
> The only IDE I've seen that seemed like it could be worth it to me is
> WingIDE - because it does offer vim keybindings, and a lot of Python
> specific goodies. But I don't feel like laying down that chunk of
> change since I don't code Python professionally.
> The biggest thing that I'm trying to train myself to do now is `import
> pdb` and `pdb.set_trace()` instead of `print(value_im_interested_in)`.
> I've thought about setting up a vim keybinding for F9 to insert a
> pdb.set_trace() line where I'm at... or do some fancy things involving
> other files and :make. But I haven't quite hit that point of
> frustration yet ;)
> I write .NET code at work (sadly), so it might be telling that even
> with the ViEmu plugin for Visual Studio, I actually prefer programming
> in Vim (using :make), with ctags, and grep, to using Visual Studio...

If i were still coding C++ with MS Visual Studio, I'd probably still be
using Visual Assist, by Whole Tomato. 

I had two companies purchase it for me, but I'm not working for either
of them at the moment.  And the last time i did C++ development, it was
for Linux, using gcc.

This product had "intellisense" before Microsoft coined the term, and
hooks into their IDE to provide its enhanced features.

For Python, I've paid for and am using Komodo IDE, from ActivePython. 

However, like most others here, i mostly work in my editor (emacs), and
only switch to Komodo when I have a tougher problem to trace.



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