[Tutor] Understanding cProfile output

ranveer raghuwanshi ranveer.raghu at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 20:58:36 CEST 2012


I am trying to understand the output of cProfile when run against my python
code. The code is:

from math import floor,sqrt
count = int(floor(sqrt(100000)))
max_check = range(2,count+1)
original_list = range(2,100001)

for j in max_check:
    for i in original_list:
        if i%j==0 and j<i:
    original_list = list(set(original_list) - set(temp_list))
    temp_list = []

print len(original_list)

What the above code does is it counts the number of prime numbers less than

Now when I profile this code using *python -m cProfile -s time
countPrime.py. *The output I get is  http://sprunge.us/SOEj. Now what I
don't understand is what it means by *tottime=16.374 for function
countPrime.py:1(<module>). *I understand fine that it took around *0.320s
for method append.*

So, is 16.374 the total time my scripts takes but according to profiler the
total time is 16.705.

Ranveer Raghuwanshi
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