[Tutor] Relative import help

Peter Otten __peter__ at web.de
Sat Sep 22 14:25:16 CEST 2012

Matthew Ngaha wrote:

> i have an assignment from a book to practice implementing  relative
> imports. it gave a very clear and easy to follow explanation, but my
> results are proving the instructions are wrong. here's what i have
> tried. my folder structure:
> Project /
>    __init__.py
>    main.py
>    Domestic /
>       __init__.py
>       players.py
>       premier_leauge.py
>       silverware.py
>       Europe /
>          __init__.py
>          champions_league.py
>          europa.py
>          winners.py
>          Internationals /
>             __init__.py
>             nations.py
> its easy to use the normal import method to import something further
> down the directory, but when trying to go up, nothing works. heres
> something weird. winner.py in the Europe directory, i used this code
> to try and import a class named Silverware in silverware.py 1
> directory up:
> from ..silverware import Silverware
> heres my error mesages: ...  ValueError: Attempted relative import in
> non-package
> i can accept this and say i did something wrong, but.... i left the
> import statement even with the error. now my main.py in the 1st
> directory called Project. i imported winner.py. the file that got this
> error message. And by importing this file, i have access to
> silverware.py. i can access everything in this file through that old
> import statement:
> from ..silverware import Silverware
> so why is it this statement wont allow me to import silverware.py to
> winner.py directly, but still gives access to winner.py if winner.py
> is imported from a directory on the same level or further up from
> silverware.py? this is the exact code instructions my book gave me,
> why isn't it working for files futher down?

You probably have a path that reaches into Domestic or Europe sub-package. 
That can happen if e. g. Project/Domestic/Europe is your current working 

Try to cd into the Project folder's parent directory and see if

$ python -c 'import Project.Domestic.Europe.winners'


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