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hello, I am a college student in my first year of computer programming, 
I was wondering if you could look at my code to see whats wrong with it.

# Mark Rourke
# Sept 29, 2012
# Write a program to calculate the sales tax at the rate of 4% and 2% 
# Thereafter compute the total sales tax (sum of the state tax and the 
county tax)
# and the total purchase amount (sum of the purchase amount and the 
total sales tax).
# Finally, display the amount of purchase, the state sales tax, the 
county sales tax,
#the total sales tax and the total amount of the sale.

#Variable Declarations
#Real purchaseAmount, stateSalesTax, countySalesTax, totalSalesTax, 
#Constant Real SALES_TAX = 0.4, COUNTY_TAX = 0.02

#Display "Input Purchase Amount: $"

#input the hours worked and hourly wage wage


print(("This program calculates the sales tax at the rate of 4% and 2% 
respectively, as well sum of the state tax"))

purchaseAmount = input("Please input the Purchase Amount: $")

#Calculate the State Sales Tax, County Sales Tax, Total Sales Tax, Total 
Purchase Amount

purchaseAmount = int(purchaseAmount)

stateSalesTax = int(purchaseAmount * SALES_TAX)

countySalesTax = int(purchaseAmount * COUNTY_TAX)

totalSalesTax = int(stateSalesTax + countySalesTax)

totalPurchaseAmount = int(purchaseAmount + totalSalesTax)

#Output the results

Display ("Purchase Amount:$") purchaseAmount
Display ("The State Sales Tax $") SALES_TAX
Display ("The County Sales Tax: $") COUNTY_TAX
Display ("The Total Sales Tax: $") totalSalesTax
Display ("The Total Amount of the Purchase: $") totalPurchaseAmount


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