[Tutor] First Python Test

Jamie Griffin jamie at kode5.net
Sat Feb 2 10:31:18 CET 2013

* Simon Yan <simonyan at fedoraproject.org> [2013-02-02 01:11:12 +0800]:

> I would recommend start off from a simple text editor that has basic syntax
> highlighting features. There are a number of options out there.
> TextMate is a good choice, a little pricy.
> VIM, if you are a terminal guy
> Even Python IDLE is a good choice you wanted to edit just a few simple .py
> files.
> I would suggest give it a look in the Mac App Store and you will find a few
> other good ones too.

I believe the editor of choice on Mac OS X these days is BBEdit -
again, a bit expensive. TextMate used to be good but there are
better ones out there now. Personally, I prefer the commandline
editors, vi or vim which is already installed on Mac OS X. I haven't
used the Xcode editor before but if it's what you're comfortable
with then it's probably best to stick with it.

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