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> Move the code that defines path1pt1 above the function that calls it.
> Also, don't start of new thread -- you are making it impossible for
> someone to know the context of your question.  Also, Use a better subject
> line
> On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 2:15 PM, Jack Little <jacklittlemc at yahoo.com>wrote:
>> So I have gotten responses to my previous email sent 3 days ago, all
>> saying define path1pt1() before simpstart, but I do not know how. Help?
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I was curious about this post, and so I looked back through your previous
posts.  They all seem to be about getting this game code to work.  I'm
guessing that you copied it from somewhere -- or mostly copied it.  You
don't seem to have a grasp of basic concepts of programming in python.
This seems to be a good example of cargo cult programming
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult_programming I suggest you set aside
this project and go to the python online tutorial, or use Alan's book
http://www.alan-g.me.uk/ , or google for Leaning Python the hard way, and
get some basic concepts together in your mind.

Also, set your mail client to text -- not rich text or html.  Since
indentation in python is essential to the meaning of the code, using rich
text which often mangles indentation makes your examples impossible to

When you've done that you will be able to ask question here that will help
you learn more and raise your skill level.

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