[Tutor] How to create a GUI for python using tkinter

Aaron Misquith aaronmisquith at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 10:38:56 CET 2013

I have attached a python program with this mail which peforms following
1.Logs in to facebook.
2.Asks the user for access tokens.
3.Gets the friend list of the user.
4.outputs the friend list as pdf.

My Problems regarding the above program are:
1.I want to display the names of my friends(in output) one in each line in
the intermediate .doc file that i have created.
              example output: {'data': [{'name': 'Roy Fernandes'}, {'name':
'Aniruddh Beigh'},
                                       I want it to be displayed as : Roy

Aniruddh Beigh

2.Is there a way to automate getting access tokens for the user that is
logging in? If not how to get access tokens for each user while logging in?

3.How to dislpay text with clickable links.
   Eg: Something thing like alert box, wherein if you click the link you go
to the page.

4. Finally my lecturer has asked me to create a gui for the facebook login
program using tkinter library module. I don't know how to create one (the
lecturer has not thought this topic in class so i'm just clueless here). So
if someone can do it and explain me the steps it will be very helpfull.
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