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Mara Kelly schooluse1992 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 14:44:33 CET 2013

Hi everyone, trying to write a program that has the user enter a password, checks if it contains any vowels, and if it does prints ' It is false that password(whatever the user enters) has no vowels,' and if it has no vowels prints it is True that password has no vowels...
Here is what I have so far...def password(y):    vowels=["a","e","i","o"]    if y[0] in vowels:        return False    if len(y) ==0:        return True    elif(y[len(y)-1] != vowels):        return False    else:        return password(y[1:len(y)-1])x=input("Enter a password:")print("It is", password(x),"that",x,"has no vowles")
As of now it just asks for the password, and then prints 'It is False that password(whatever was entered) has no vowles' for any word I enter. I think maybe some of my if statement conditions may be being returned to the function, but then not printing the appropriate one? Can anyone help? Thanks!
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