[Tutor] If a method has no return type?

Kal Sze swordangel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 07:37:55 CET 2013

Dear Sunil,

No method or function in Python has a *static* return type. That's
because Python is by nature a dynamic language, with duck typing and
dynamic dispatch. In fact, any method or function may well return any
of a number of different types:

    def crazy_function(return_int)
        if return_int:
            return 1
            return 'foo'

It's probably bad design, but there is nothing in the Python grammar
and semantics that stops you from doing that.

So your question is better phrased as: if I don't explicitly return
anything, what is returned?

The answer to that would be: the None object


On 7 February 2013 14:09, Sunil Tech <sunil.techspk at gmail.com> wrote:
> If a method has no return type?
> what will it return?
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