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Mon Feb 11 19:04:45 CET 2013

Please always provide a meaningful subject line, it helps us find 
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On 11/02/13 15:56, Pravya Reddy wrote:
> Can You Plaese help me with the code.

Try to give us a bit more clue about what you think is wrong. What did 
you expect? What did you get? Otherwise we have to cut n paste the code 
and run it and then guess what you think is the problem...

The more work we have to do the less likely we will bother.

> def print_options():
>      print ("Options:")
>      print (" 'p' print options")
>      print (" 'c' convert from celsius")
>      print (" 'f' convert from fahrenheit")
>      print (" 'q' quit the program")

You could have had this return the menu as a string instead of printing it.
Or you could have got the user input inside the function and returned 
the choice directly.
Either would be better than this.

> def celsius_to_fahrenheit(c_temp):
>      return 9.0/5.0*c_temp+32
> def fahrenheit_to_celsius(f_temp):
>      return (f_temp - 32.0)*5.0/9.0
> choice = "p"

You could have printed the menu and got the users real choice here
rather than set a default that you never use...

> while choice != "q":
>      if choice == "c":
>          temp = input(input("Celsius temperature:"))
>          print ("Fahrenheit:",celsius_to_fahrenheit(temp))
>      elif choice == "f":
>          temp = input("Fahrenheit temperature:")
>          print ("Celsius:",fahrenheit_to_celsius(temp))
>      elif choice != "q":
>          print_options()

This prints the menu if the user did not choose f or q.
But wouldn't you want the menu displayed every time
round the loop?

>      choice = input(input("option:"))

Why two inputs?
This prints option and reads the input.
It then prints the option and reads another input.

> The Output i got is:
> Options:
>   'p' print options
>   'c' convert from celsius
>   'f' convert from fahrenheit
>   'q' quit the program
> option:c
> c

It prints the menu
Then it prints options and reads the value
Then it prints that value and reads another value
which it sets choice to.

If your print_menu() function returned the menu as a string
(and was called get_menu) you could do

choice = input(get_menu())

or if it got the choice in the menu function it would look like

choice = get_menu_item()

Which is a lot simpler to read.


Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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