[Tutor] Having trouble figuring out bug

richard kappler richkappler at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 02:03:10 CET 2013

> See that KeyboardInterrupt line? That was missing from your first post.
> You get that because you have hit Ctrl-C, which is Python's way of halting
> the running code (if possible). If you don't want this exception, then
> don't hit Ctrl-C.
> Which of course brings you to a dilemma -- the software tells you to use
> Ctrl-C to stop recording, but it apparently lies. I suggest that it is
> buggy. Looking at the source code to the library, here:
> https://github.com/jeysonmc/**python-google-speech-scripts/**
> blob/master/stt_google.py<https://github.com/jeysonmc/python-google-speech-scripts/blob/master/stt_google.py>
> I'm pretty sure it is buggy. There is no attempt to catch the Ctrl-C and
> continue processing. I could be wrong, because I haven't actually tested it
> or studied it in detail, but I can't see how this could possibly work as
> advertised.
> Also the library includes something which gives me the absolute
> heebie-jeebies: it downloads a website from the Internet, then *executes it
> as code* without making any attempt to see what it is. If you run this
> library, you are giving Google, or anyone that manages to intercept your
> connection to Google, carte blanche to run ANY CODE THEY LIKE on your
> computer. I wouldn't touch that library with a fifty-foot pole until that
> is fixed.

Uh huh... That actually makes perfect sense and I'm a bit annoyed I didn't
catch it. So... methinks that if I code in for the recording to end on say
a second or two of silence, and get rid of the CTRL+C, then the code should
proceed as necessary. Then I neeed to figure out how to make it more secure
per your heebie-jeebies. Okay, once more into the breach dear tutors!

thanks for the help, Richard

quando omni flunkus moritati
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