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Matthew Ngaha chigga101 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 18:30:58 CET 2013

hey guys ive been learning programming/python for less than a year. i
feel very comfortable with it now. After the initial beginners guide i
asked on here what to learn next. I started learning a GUI library and
also pygame. i decided to learn more about OOP also. My problem is yes
i can attempt to use these libraries/frameworks/modules provided but
how can i build or get better at creating/building my own tools? i do
ok in programming conversations until they start talking about "the
standard etc wasnt good enough so i built my own! i did this, i this
and i did that!" or hey i built my own engine, my own language!!
etc... i become absolutely lost and thought i would like to do that!
The extra OOP has given me hints on what i need to do, but i was
wondering if anyone could point me out to some good books or online
tutorials that can teach me how to create my own modules, libraries
that others could use. This is what is called software engineering
right? or is that something else?

I decided not to sit around and ponder so i decided on a project (when
im bored) that could help. i wanted to code a custom class that will
create custom instances and have these instances behave like normal
python objects. I want my program to basically do EVETYTHING that
python already does but in my own way. On the objects i'd like to
perform stuff like __add__ or __cmp__ on them, but without actually
using __add__ or __cmp__, get it?. ill attempt my own built-ins also,
like summed() instead of sum()... is this a constructive exercise or a
waste of time? i honestly dont know, i guess i'd just like a better
understanding of how everything works. like how can i make my own
custom container and not have it subclass list(), and still act like a
list()? would i need to use stuff like __next__ and __iter__ or could
i create my own that acts the same way

ill drop the project if its a bad idea but if it isnt, its simply a
work in progress(barely started). my __init__ sp far only accepts ints
right now but ill attempt to make the class accept any type of python
object, and offer custom behaviour for that specific object type.

so please point me out to some good books or online tutorials that can
teach me how to create my own software that others could use. Also
what is the correct term for this type of programming? Also if you
have any personal advice you could offer me, please do.. Thanks

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