[Tutor] if/else option for making a choice

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Tue Feb 19 01:01:02 CET 2013

> On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 10:22 AM, Niclas Rautenhaus
> <n.rautenhaus at gmx.de>wrote:
>> Hello folks,****
>> ** **
>> I would be very pleased if someone is able to help me.****
>> I wrote a small programm, to calculate the grand total for a car.****
>> A basic price can be entered. Given that basic price, a tax peercentage
>> is
>> calculated and added tot he grand total.****
>> But unfortunately I am stuck with giving the user the choice to select
>> an
>> additional option!
>> The extra items have got set values, but at the moment they all get
>> summarized, but i want to choose.
>> **
> greetings Niclas, and welcome to Python! while i'll let the others comment
> on your code specifically, i can give some overall suggestions/guidance.
> you're trying to create an overall price calculator correct? while it's
> straightforward providing a base price, the complexity in your app (and
> real life) is the set of options that customers can choose from.
> in your situation, i think it would be more "Pythonic" to maintain the
> extras as a vector of options and prices. you then loop through those,
> prompting the user to enter Yes or No, and add either the cost or zero,
> respectively. that will help keep your code less complex as well. you
> would
> just be maintaining a running total until the user is done with all their
> selections.
> good luck!
> -- wesley

I'd be interested in knowing exactly what you mean by the term "vector" in
the above discussion.  When I saw the problem I thought dict would serve
as in

options = { "leather" : 1600, "alloy_wheels" : 1200,
# and so on


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