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Robert Sjoblom robert.sjoblom at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 02:46:42 CET 2013

>> i sort of heard about a stack its a C/C++ thing i think?
> A stack is fundamental to modern programming languages.  The only two
> machines I've used that didn't have a stack implemented at the machine level
> were the CDC 6000 series, and the IBM 360.  Both products of the 60's.

A while back, while researching something else entirely, I came upon a
useful article explaining recursion. In it he briefly touches on how a
stack functions, and the explanation is well worth reading (as is the
article!). You can find it here:
If you just want to read the stack explanation, scroll down to
"Recursion is Just a Fancy Way of Using a Stack"

best regards,
Robert S.

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