[Tutor] Python & algorithms (Lang line simplification algorithm)

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Laura Kauria <lacation at gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks a lot for all the help! I got the courage to start at least..

Congratulations! Courage is a necessary ingredient when starting :-)

Could you please avoid  top-posting, and instead use interleaved style
<URL:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posting_style#Interleaved_style> for
your replies, so the conversation is in a natural order.

> I started by converting the pseudocode I had to python.

If it's short and simple, please post it here so we can discuss it in

> Still I have problems with perpendicular distance and creating a line
> with python.
> I need to create a line between two points and then check what is the
> distance between a line and intermediate points which were between lines
> start and end point. If someone could help me with this? I could not
> understand can I do this without math library or not?

The ‘math’ module in the standard library has trigonometric functions
If you have co-ordinate data and know how to use trigonometry, then
those functions will do what you expect.

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