[Tutor] Groups of mutually exclusive options

rail shafigulin rail.shafigulin at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 02:26:41 CEST 2014

> Sorry, I didn't follow your example. Can you explain what you mean in
> English? What would be the outcome if you succeeded?
> What could the user do and not do?

The idea is to use two groups of parameters. The user can use only one
group of parameters.

For example say I have a the script with called myscript.py which can take
two groups of options


I can run this script only with the following options

myscript.py --option1a --option1b --option1c
myscript.py --option2a --option2b --option2c

I cannot run run a script with the following options
myscript --option1a --option2a

So it is similar to having mutually exclusive options, however this is sort
of on a larger scale. Instead of having mutually exclusive options, we
would have mutually exclusive sets of options.

Let me know if it didn't clarify the details. I will try to come up with a
better explanation.
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