[Tutor] Learning

Leo Nardo waterfallroad at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 13:00:16 CEST 2014

I want to program. I enjoy programming and am willing to put in time
to do this.When I try to get started with programming I realize how
difficult it is to find the information worthy of learning.
Programming is broad and the possibilities are endless, as well as the
ammount of learning material. It is hard to find quality material that
is understandable. What i think would be helpful is an outline of all
tactics and stuff I need to learn to complete a certain task that i am
interested in. This task is to write a very basic botting program for
a pc game. Tons of people bot on this game and i would rather make my
own program as opposed to using theirs. The game is called
Tibia(Tibia.com). The program i want to write would start out being
one simple feature. I want my program to look at my game and see when
my health is below a certain ammount and heal my character by typing
in a certain spell in the console of the game. After i can write this
program from start to finish i believe i can work my way out to
include other features and increase my programming skills. Can anyone
provide such a list of start to finish knowledge that i could teach
myself that would make this possible? I would like to write the
program in python, and I do not need a graphical interface. There is
something called a tibia api and I am not sure if its relevant. Tibia
is written in c++. Thanks :)

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