[Tutor] New to Python

Danny Yoo dyoo at hashcollision.org
Mon Apr 28 20:35:19 CEST 2014

Hi Jordan,

You probably want to read up to chapter 3 (including the "Functions"
chapter) in "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist":


or some equivalent tutorial, so that you at least know what the terms
in the problem statement means.  In particular, you'll want a very
concrete idea of what a _function_ is, because this assignment is all
how to write and use functions.  That's the core takeaway from the
problem, so learn about functions.

Are you using a particular book or material in your learning?  If so,
mention that.  Maybe one of us here has also read the same book and
can point out things for you to look at.

Also are there particular terms in the problem statement that are
confusing?  If so, point them out, and one of us here on Tutor can
probably help.

Personally, I would actually treat this problem in at least two steps.
 You don't have to get your whole program perfect the first time.  The
first paragraph which says "Write a program module..." up to the
description talking about CalculateInches().  But I would not
initially follow any of the paragraph material after "... but you
don't...".  Get the two functions working first.  Learn how to test
and run those functions first.  If you have questions on how to do so,

Ignore the advice about module level constants _until_ you've got the
functions working ok.  You'll be a better position to improve your
solution to fit the final approach.

Good luck to you!

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