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Cameron Simpson cs at zip.com.au
Tue Dec 2 21:37:08 CET 2014

On 27Nov2014 12:43, Santosh Kumar <rhce.san at gmail.com> wrote:
>I am planning to start a small project , so i need some suggestions on how
>to go about it.
>1) It basically takes some inputs like (name,age,course,joining
>date,remarks) so on.
>2) I want a light front end for it.
>3) i should be able to query for a particular person on a particular date
>or a joining date.
>4) The app should be easily deployable both in the linux and windows
>machines. ( something like a .exe in windows)
>So this is my requirement as stated in the above four points. Now i need
>suggestions on how to go ahead with these.
>for 2) should i go for tkinter or do we have something even lighter.

If you're familiar with tkinter, use it. Otherwise I don't know enough to 
advise. At least tkinter comes with Python, so that is one problem solved for 
you. Disclaimer: I have not used it; I work almost entirely in terminals with 

>for 3) to achieve this should i just go for a database, if yes i need
>something which can be easily moved across.

You may find that sqlite files are portable. (Or not.)

CSV files are portable, but not random access. If your data set is small they 
might do though: read it into memory; write it out at program exit (or 
strategic other times).

>for 4) if i have to create a executable , how to make sure all the above
>requirements can be packaged into a application or a software.

Can't help here.

My suggestions is: (1) find components that will work on UNIX and Windows (GUI 
toolkit and data storage specificly). (2) Get it working in as simple a way as 

The GUI toolkit aside, the rest of it is probably easy to change if needed. But 
make it work _first_.

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