[Tutor] Parse files and create sqlite3 db (Alan Gauld)

jarod_v6 at libero.it jarod_v6 at libero.it
Wed Dec 3 14:07:51 CET 2014

thanks so much,here you have the error:
NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-16-64f0293cca64> in <module>()
     43                                                 status = line[-4:] # 
and overall status pass/warn/fail
     44                                                 sql = "insert into 
fastqc_summary(fileid,module,status,total,duplicate) values(?,?,?,?,?);"
---> 45                                                 data = (fileid,module,
     46                                                 cursor.execute(sql,
     47                                         elif (line[:2] != ">>" and line
[:2] != "##"): # grab details under each module

NameError: name 'total' is not defined
The problem It is I need to write only if exist that names and values.
So from the original file each time I have this rows:
##FastQC	0.10.1
>>Basic Statistics	pass
#Measure	Value	
Filename	R05_CTTGTA_L004_R1_001.fastq.gz	
File type	Conventional base calls	
Encoding	Sanger / Illumina 1.9	
Total Sequences	27868496	
Filtered Sequences	0	
Sequence length	50	
%GC	50	
So they need to be defined. So know I need to do: if  Total and if Filename 
and Total then do the script?

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