[Tutor] Need help!

Jagannath Ramanan jagannath.ramanan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 13:46:05 CET 2014

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is jag. I need little bit of help understanding something. I have a
vncserver running at the background in redhat. My client is lubuntu where
im using python.

For some reason the communication is only possible between them is to send
custom TCP/IP messages. Im not a hardcore developers. I can do scripts and
i have used gtk python for front ends etc.

*The TCP /IP message length is:*

TCP/IP: 37 bytes of message + 16 bytes of header = 53 bytes Raw Serial: 37
bytes message + 16 bytes of header + 2 bytes of trailer = 55 bytes
I have no idea how i would code something like that in python to make it
talk to the server.

Any any help or guidance is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

Jagannath Ramanan,
Software Tester

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