[Tutor] looking for a Python feature for computer teaching

Pi Po cccccttttt at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 20:29:08 CET 2014

As a teacher I find python simple and effective.

However, appreciate feedback from anyone who knows
of a Python version with this feature:

Want each interpreted line of code to introduce as a cells on
a spreadsheet window each new variable (or array) with its initialized
and show the updated contents of each previously defined variable (or

As a student types in a  line of code they will see how that
line  impacts old data and introduces new data.

This can now be done manually on a blackboard but is slow and tedious.

Here are two simple spreadsheets that show how it
might look for a student to step through their code:



If anyone knows another language (assembler, forth, C, J, ...)   which
already has this feature, appreciate a link.

But as syntax of Python is relatively clean and suited for instruction,
much prefer something in Python.

Cam Trenor
secondary math/science

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