[Tutor] Python script

Mamy Rivo DIANZINGA dmamyrivo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 22:17:13 CET 2014

Good morning Sir, merry Xmas. I have a question, please Sir if you do not
mind. In this
file E_vs_cutoff1.pdf, i represent the energy vs radial cutoff. And in the
script, i specified the limits of Y-axis as: pl.ylim(-5524.0,-5522.5).
But as you can see the figure, there is -5522e-3 on left top and, the
Energy values
are between -2.0 and -0.5. It is as if the Energy values have been
separated, despite
the python instruction "pl.ylim(-5524.0,-5522.5)".
So i was wondering, how can i fix it so that the figure shows indeed the
Energy values
from -5524.0 to -5522.5. How to set the Y-axis scale in that case?
I hope you will understand my question.
Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas again. Happy New year!!!

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