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Mamy Rivo DIANZINGA <dmamyrivo at gmail.com> writes:

> Good morning Sir, merry Xmas. I have a question, please Sir if you do
> not mind.

Thank you for being so polite; we are usually quite informal here.

> In this file E_vs_cutoff1.pdf, i represent the energy vs radial
> cutoff. And in the python script, i specified the limits of Y-axis as:
> pl.ylim(-5524.0,-5522.5).

If you want to show us some Python code, you'll need to include it in
the message.

Please make sure to do the following to ensure your Python code is

* Make it *very* short, just enough to demonstrate the issue

  This means do not present your entire program, but only a small one
  you have contrived to focus on the issue.

* Compose your messages in plain text, without special formatting
  This will be much more likely to preserve the Python code as you
  actually wrote it, without modification in transit.

If you do both of these you are much more likely to get a good response
from this Tutor group.

> Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas again. Happy New year!!!

And to you, and to everyone here good cheer.

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