[Tutor] Help on Python drop-down list options

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Wed Dec 31 18:51:25 CET 2014

On 31/12/14 13:49, Tammy Miller wrote:

> I need help on the
> following:  I have a created a project from a csv file to calculate the
> mean and standard deviation.

I assume that means you read the data from the CSV file
and display the stats?

> However, I would like to
> create a drop-down list and display the mean and standard deviation?

I assume you mean you want to create a GUI that has a "drop down list" 
containing data and you want to display the stats based on the list 

If so you need to decide what kind of UI you want to use.
Your choices are:
1) CLI using curses (Not on windows)
2) Web UI based on HTML/Javascript
3) Desktop GUI using Tkinter/WxPython/PyGTK
    (or some other toolkit)

And once you decide your option you need to design what the UI
looks like - how does the output appear? Is it in a label? a text 
widget? a pop-up dialog?

> Is there a module for that?

Yes, for all of the above.

Option 1 uses the curses module

Option 2 uses standard HTML linked to a CGI(standard library)
or a web framework(several third-party options)

Option 3: the standard library includes Tkinter,
the others are third-party downloads.

We can't help much until you make the choices above.
It will help if you tell us which python version and
which OS you use.

And once you choose an option which tookkit you want
to go with (or at least which option and we can advise
on toolkits based on your experience and your UI visual

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