[Tutor] Python Socket Error: Connection refused

Dave Angel davea at davea.name
Mon Jul 7 13:55:22 CEST 2014

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You apparently are running Windows, and in a corporate
 environment. You don't tell us your Python version,  but in this
 case my advice doesn’t care.

IDLE works by creating two processes,  IDLE itself and your Python
 code. Those processes then have to talk to each other, 
 presumably by using network sockets. 

Any computer with network access should protect itself from
 hackers and network intrusions, and first line of defense is
 usually a firewall. If you're in a corporate environment,  the IT
 department has probably got that tightly controlled. So the next
 step would presumably be getting them to open a cat door for you.
 They'll have to know IDLE enough to figure out what port to use, 
 or to configure IDLE to use one they already have open. I haven't
 done anything important in Windows for years so I can't be more
 specific than that. 

A better answer is probably to skip IDLE.  I've never used it, nor
 missed it. You can do most anything you want from a cmd prompt
 (DOS box). Start python from there, and play to learn from there.
 You'll also need a good programming editor (not Notepad), but
 there are many free choices.  One is Komodo Editor, but I only
 mention that because it's a subset of the not-free Komodo IDE
 that I use sometimes.  Mostly I use emacs.

You will want to configure your DOS Box to make it easier to cut
 and paste. That way you can copy back and forth between there and
 the editor or a browser window or an email program.


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