[Tutor] How to Create Webpage with Python

Dave Angel davea at davea.name
Fri Jul 11 11:13:23 CEST 2014

John Cast <jdcast at stanford.edu> Wrote in message:
 will be hosting this (for the foreseeable future at least) on my desktop.
There is another python script already written that generates the
 excel spreadsheets (I did not write this).  That script will be
 ran on a fairly frequent basis so the webpage will constantly
 have its information updated.  

Please don't post here in html. It can cause a number of problems.
  Tell your mail program to use text.

You don't say who your customers are. If you're doing this for
 your job, call your IT department. They probably have a hosting
 arrangement so their customers can find them. Adding on can be
 trivial,  or simple, or very hard. But it's bound to be easier
 and/or cheaper than starting from scratch.

Your email address implies some connection to a college.  If this
 is for them,  then that's your company.  But even if not,  they
 may be willing to host it for you.

Assuming this is private,  or for a company too new to have needed
 a web or email presence, you have to do more for yourself.  So
 what's your scope? If all your customers are connected to the
 same router (like a typical home) then you can do it all with a
 simple local server,  some machine you promise to leave on all
 the time. They may have to fake the website domain,  using your
 local ip address,  but even that can be finessed,  editing the
 host file on each customer's machine. 

If your customers are spread across multiple routers,  or across
 the city or world,  you need to glue together some access from
 the world,  past your ISP and router,  and into your machine. 
 How best to do that depends on your ISP,  its services and
 policies.  Easiest is to upgrade your service to give you a fixed
 ip address.

If your ISP can't or won't cooperate, or if your machine's uptime
 is unsatisfactory,  there are web hosting services that ARE able
 to host your pages,  connect those pages to a domain you
 purchase, and maintain the machine for you. For low traffic
 sites, you should be able to do it for under S10 a month,  or
 even free. I'm currently hosting 5 domains at 1and1.com, 
 including the davea.name one that gives my email address.  $10
 per month and it's overkill. 


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