[Tutor] While loop issue, variable not equal to var or var

Wolfgang Maier wolfgang.maier at biologie.uni-freiburg.de
Sat Jul 12 14:43:56 CEST 2014

On 12.07.2014 14:20, Dave Angel wrote:
> I don't remember my high school German enough to remember if the  ß
> character is an example,  but in various languages there are
>   characters that exist only in uppercase,  and whose lowercase
>   equivalent is multiple letters. Or vice versa. And characters
>   that have multiple valid spellings in uppercase,  but only one in
>   lowercase.
> If the latter is true for German,  perhaps GROSSE and GROßE are
>   valid uppercase,  but only grosse for lowercase.

No, that's not the case.
Only große is valid lowercase, but many people got so used to computers 
not dealing with ß correctly that they'd type grosse automatically.
Conversely, since there is no official capital form of ß (see my reply 
to Steven), GROSSE is standard uppercase although you might encounter 
GROßE occasionally.

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