[Tutor] Some shameless self promotion

memilanuk memilanuk at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 16:20:38 CET 2014

On 11/03/2014 11:41 PM, Alan Gauld wrote:
> On 04/11/14 00:55, memilanuk wrote:
>> On 11/02/2014 05:22 PM, Alan Gauld wrote:
>>> For anyone who might be interested
>>> http://www.amazon.com/Python-Projects-Laura-Cassell/dp/111890866X
>>> A book aimed at those who have just finished their first python tutorial
>>> and are wondering what to do next...
>> Do you know if there are any plans for an electronic version i.e. pdf or
>> kindle?
> I assume so but I'm only the author and that's a decision
> for the publishers! :-)

Well, maybe as one of the authors you can poke 'em a bit.  So far the 
only version listed on Amazon or Wrox's site is paperback.

Shiny!  Let's be bad guys.

Reach me @ memilanuk (at) gmail dot com

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