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>(Clayton, does your mail client not present messages written by their
>authors? The messages should not come to you “From:” the tutor list
>itself. It's awkward to follow whom you're quoting.)

I think it does, I am replying to your email just as stated in the above indented header.

>> >(month, day, time, ap, offset) = blah.group( *list (range (1, 6)))
>> >
>> >Should do it.
>> Where did you find that one?
>Working through the Python Tutorial (actually doing the examples, and
>working to understand them before moving on) teaches these and other
>Python concepts <URL:https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/>.

Actually Ben, I do turn to the documentation first and foremost, and only after hours of trying things and their variations do I grovel and come here.

>> What does the '*' do/why?
>Learn about sequence unpacking in function parameters at the Tutorial

As I said above.

>> And why the weird range thing?
>Learn about the ‘range’ built-in at the Python library reference
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