[Tutor] “has a value of True” versus “evaluates true” (was: don't understand iteration)

Clayton Kirkwood crk at godblessthe.us
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So, there is a difference between None and False, is that the issue? I don’t necessarily see the difference as stated in the subject line. 


If  A == True

If A


Is this the crux of the issue?


BTW, the feedback to my submittal suggests that this is a difference with no distinction.




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good catch, and definitely a distinction beginners should be more cognizant of.

it's also good to recognize that a call to "bool(match)" would render that statement correct, as the built-in/factory function will return what an object evaluates to (True [re.match object] or/vs.False [None]).


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I reported it. I feel all grown up now. Kind of like one of the boys(girls...)


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>"Clayton Kirkwood" <crk at godblessthe.us> writes:
>> Also of confusion, the library reference says:
>> Match objects always have a boolean value of True. Since match() and
>> search() return None when there is no match, you can test whether
>> there was a match with a simple if statement:
>> match = re.search(pattern, string)
>> if match:
>>     process(match)
>The documentation is incorrect, as you point out: “have a boolean value
>of True” implies that the value is identical to the built-in ‘True’
>constant, which is never the case for these objects.
>Instead, the passage above should say “evaluates true in a boolean
>Would you be so kind as to report a bug to that effect
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