[Tutor] Is there an easy way to center the root window (Tkinter) within the display?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Thu Nov 27 23:35:52 CET 2014

On 27/11/14 19:26, Dave Angel wrote:

> scale of things is quite large.

> Does that package include any hooks for automating?

 > Are they open to requests for improving their software,
> or for validating your own front ends?
> For both your organization and theirs:
> Are you using source control?

> Do you have a formal testing environment,

> Do you have a backup strategy, both for code and for data?
> Do you have strict security policies,

> Have you planned for fault tolerance,

> These things and many others you cannot get from a book,

Thee are a few books that tackle these issues but many are not 
"developers" books they are for IT service managers
  - The ITIL series springs to mind.

Other things to add are Release scheduling/upgrades,
Tech support (inc out of hours), Infrastructure management
(server/OS ageing - aka Win XP - etc), Disaster recovery,
and so on.

I once tried to interest a publisher in writing a book
"From Code to User" that focused on these non-development aspects
of projects (in my old job we called it "Delivery Management"(technical 
stuff) as opposed to "Project Management"(financial/schedule stuff) ). 
But the publisher turned it down because the audience was too small...

[ I spent 4 years of my life as a "Delivery Manager" for several large 
projects ( ie. budget >$10m ) before returning to the relative sanity of 
architecture and design! :-) ]

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