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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sun Aug 2 02:44:57 CEST 2015

On 02/08/15 00:07, Ltc Hotspot wrote:
> Question1: The output result is an address or line?

Its your assignment,. you tell me.
But from your previous mails I'm assuming you want addresses?

> Question2: Why are there 54 lines as compared to 27 line in the desired
> output?

Because the set removes duplicates? So presumably there were 27 
duplicates? (Which is a suspicious coincidence!)

> fname = raw_input("Enter file name: ")
> if len(fname) < 1 : fname = "mbox-short.txt"
> fh = open(fname)
> count = 0
> addresses = set()
> for line in fh:
>      if line.startswith('From'):
>          line2 = line.strip()
>          line3 = line2.split()
>          line4 = line3[1]
>          addresses.add(line4)
>          count = count + 1
> print addresses
> print "There were", count, "lines in the file with From as the first word"

That looks right in that it does what I think you want it to do.

> The output result:
> set(['stephen.marquard at uct.ac.za', 'louis at media.berkeley.edu', '
> zqian at umich.edu', 'rjlowe at iupui.edu', 'cwen at iupui.edu', 'gsilver at umich.edu',
> 'wagnermr at iupui.edu', 'antranig at caret.cam.ac.uk','
> gopal.ramasammycook at gmail.com', 'david.horwitz at uct.ac.za', '
> ray at media.berkeley.edu']) ← Mismatch

That is the set of unique addresses, correct?

> There were 54 lines in the file with From as the first word

And that seems to be the number of lines in the original file
starting with From. Can you check manually if that is correct?

> The desired output result:
> stephen.marquard at uct.ac.za
> louis at media.berkeley.edu
> zqian at umich.edu
> rjlowe at iupui.edu
> zqian at umich.edu
> rjlowe at iupui.edu

Now I'm confused again. This has duplicates but you said you
did not want duplicates? Which is it?

> cwen at iupui.edu
> cwen at iupui.edu
> There were 27 lines in the file with From as the first word

And this is reporting the number of lines in the output
rather than the file (I think). Which do you want?

Its easy enough to change the code to govre the output
you demonstrate, but that's not what you originally asked
for. So just make up your mind exactly what it is you want
out and we can make it work for you.

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