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On 02/08/15 08:30, Gaurav Lathwal wrote:

> & Both of you know a lot about all this, how do I go about doing that ? I
> mean, how do I learn that much ?

I'm no expert but I've been using the web and creating web pages
since 1994 and you just learn stuff as you go. So sadly I can't
direct you to any definitive place where you can learn all you

Having said that, I'm sure there are books and web sites that
will help, its just that I don't know them because I've
learned about the web incrementally as it grew. The only
paper book I use is the, now quite old, "Dynamic HTML - The
Definitive Guide" by Danny Goodman.

If I do need reference material I tend to go to the W3 master
web site since that's where the standards are kept and a lot
of tutorial material exists there. But much of modern web
application design (MEAN stack, JQuery, Ajax, Restful APIs etc)
is not about creating new standards as much as using the old
standards in clever ways.

Those new technologies (especially JQuery and Angular) make
web scraping much more difficult than it was previously
because the HTML is changing dynamically as you use the page.
Whole <div> sections may appear or disappear as you watch.


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