[Tutor] Windows "feature" I don't understand

Válas Péter turtle at 64.hu
Mon Aug 3 08:09:56 CEST 2015

My "best practice" is to avoid Windows-generated directories and create my
own ones. :-)
They are linked and "pseudo-named" in a really messy way even if you use
English Windows, but the real extended horror begins at different languages
where Windows randomly uses English and translated names. Also, I usually
know better what I need than some of those guys in Redmond. I think
Users\Clayton should be the last point where you use the default structure,
but if it is your own computer, it's even better to leave the whole Users
directory for the playground of Windows and create your own documents
structure. Preferably on another device or partition than location of
operating system. (However, Windows itself allows you to relocate these
directories in the official structure.)

Also, it is wise to define this path at the beginning of your script in
case you want to use it elsewhere.

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