[Tutor] find pickle and retrieve saved data

Quiles, Stephanie stephanie.quiles001 at albright.edu
Mon Aug 3 05:04:08 CEST 2015

 how do i go about being able to add a feature to search for individual entries that have been saved into that dictionary or else tell me that the name I entered is not found? 

Here is the code that i have so far…

import pickle
def main():
    infile = open("emails.dat", "rb")
    emails = pickle.load(infile)
    name_search = input("Enter a name in the file for info: ")

    for name in emails:
        if name[0] == name_search:
            print("This is the info: ", info)
        return emails
        print("Entry not Found! Try again.")

thanks for all the help and suggestions this is really helping me in trying to figure this out! 


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