[Tutor] find pickle and retrieve saved data

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Wed Aug 5 02:01:35 CEST 2015

On 04/08/15 23:09, Quiles, Stephanie wrote:

> def main():
>      found = False
>      search = input("Enter a name in the file for info: ")
>      infile = open("emails.dat", "r")
>      name = infile.readline()
>      while name != '':
>          email1, email2, phone, phone2 = (infile.readline())
>          name = name.rstrip("\n")

You should probably do this immediately after reading the name

>          if name == search:
>              print("name: ", name)
>              print("Email1, alternate email, phone, alternate phone", email1, email2, phone, phone2)
>              print()
>              found = True

Note that if name does not equal search you will go round this loop 
forever (or at least until you finish reading the file) because you 
don't change the name.

>      name = infile.readline()

I suspect this line was supposed to be inside the while loop?

See if that helps?

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