[Tutor] Pep 8, about indentation

David Rock david at graniteweb.com
Mon Aug 10 17:33:15 CEST 2015

* Alex Kleider <akleider at sonic.net> [2015-08-07 21:50]:
> Here is what I've got in my ~/.vimrc file:
> set autoindent
> set shiftwidth=4
> set expandtab
> set textwidth=72
> set scrolljump=2
> set scrolloff=2
> I'll add
> set tabstop=4

You might want to add softtabstop as well.  
  set softtabstop=4

It's very handy for allowing the delete key to go back TAB number of
spaces (ie, deletes those 4 spaces you just inserted).  

David Rock
david at graniteweb.com

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