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On 10/08/15 18:17, Shannon Callahan wrote:
 > So it is really hard to make such code for it?

It's hard for a beginner.
It's non-trivial for an expert.

But there are libraries such as Google's speech to text library
(as used in their search pages etc). There is a page on it here:


But as you'll see it requires several other packages as well and
of course you need a network connection to Google as well as
a Google programmers account. Nothing impossible but a lot
of work just to get started.

There are other libraries. I've not used any of them.
But for a starter project it is bigger than I'd usually recommend.

Since you are on a Mac you might have access to the MacOS
speech libraries,. but they won't port to your Raspberry Pi where
the Google one should work anywhere with a network connection..

> What about jasper program for speech recognition for offline.

Never heard of it...
OK, That looks like somebody has done the really hard stuff for you.
It seems so use Google, amongst other things under the covers.

So I take it back, you might be able to use that easily enough. :-)

The tricky bit is probably going to be detecting/handling errors
in a sensible way..

 > Sorry, SDSU-San Diego State University.

Ah, I'm UK based so didn't recognize it. I assumed it was a subject
like CS (Comp Sc)...

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