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On 11/08/15 04:18, Quiles, Stephanie wrote:

> Totally lost here.

Most of the instructions are clearly listed. Just follow through and do 
what it suggests one step at a time.

> •       First, we’ll need to import time to use the clock routine,

So import time
> and we’ll need to use the randrange routine from random.
and import random.

Well done I see you did that.

> •       Next, we’ll want our main( ) routine to call our createRandnums( ) routine
> and have this routine return our list of random numbers.

It says 'our' routine so you need to create it.
It goes on to tell you how:

 > •       The createRandnums routine will accept two parameters
 > (how many numbers do you want, and what is the upper limit on
 > the randrange routine), and this will simply run a loop to
 > create the numbers and append them to a list. Once the list
 > is complete, we can then use the sort routine on the list to
 > arrange the numbers in order. The function will now return
 > the sorted list to main( ).

So that's your next task.
write the function definition and create a main() that simply
calls createRandnums(quantity, limit)

To check it works print the result.

Forget about the rest of the assignment until you get that
bit working.

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