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On 13/08/15 02:01, IDN3 wrote:
> To whom it may concern,
>      I am having a problem solving the below question.  I have used every
> resource that I could find to help me, but I'm seeing nothing.  Can someone
> out there please help me understand the below question and learn how to
> accomplish this task in Python?  I would really appreciate any help that
> someone could afford.

OK, We won;t give you the solution but we can certainly help you 
understand the question and point you in the right direction.

> *Problem 1:* Write a program that will calculate the problem and stop after
> the condition has been met.
> a=number of loops (start with zero)
> b=a+1
> c=a+b

Notice that a is the thing that counts the number of loops.
So you need to increment a inside your loop.
b and c are based on a.

> Condition: If c is less than 5, then the loop will continue; else, it will
> end.

> 3.   *Problem 2:*Print a string variable that states the number of loops
> required to meet the condition for Problem 1.

This is a simple bit of math.
You don't need to run the loop to figure out the answer,
just write an equation.

> My attempt below.  I used a while loop even though the question is saying

You obviously did not send the whole question.
I don't see any mention of if/then/else?

> To my knowledge loops in Python have to be while/for.  Also,
> it seems like the question is missing some direction, but I could be
> wrong.

The two questions are both OK, but i think you missed the bit that said 
a was the variable that counted the number of times round the loop.
This is a little bit unusual since normally your while loop test uses 
the counting variable (ie. a) but in this case it uses c which is
based on a. But it does demonstrate that the while condition can be more 
complex that the basic form.

> a = 0
> b = a + 1
> c = a + b
> while (c < 5):
>      print(c)
>      c = c + 1

You need to make a the counter and not c.
You need to recalculate c after changing a.
You need to print the number of loops (a) not c.

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