[Tutor] Is it possible to archive subsets of data from an SQLite db and restore it later?

boB Stepp robertvstepp at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 05:44:01 CEST 2015

My wife had an interesting request tonight:  Would it be possible to
have two dbs, one that is the current working db, and the other an
archival db for students who have left the school?  If yes, then the
archival db would need to be able to serve two functions:

1) If the teacher gets a request for certain types of reports, then
she should be able to generate them from the archival db just as she
would be able to from her working db.  She would want the archival db
to retain the same structure and functionality as the current working

2) If a student returns to the school as a student, it should be
possible to reintegrate all of that student's data from the archival
db back into the current working db.

I see this more as an interesting problem right now as I think it
would take a long time to fill up SQLite's 2 TB max size.  It seems to
me like it should be doable, but might be quite complicated.  OTH, I
don't know much about SQL yet, and it might actually be more trivial
than I can currently imagine.  So I thought I would ask the group to
see which category of problem this truly is.


P.S.:  After doing a bunch of reading on unit testing yesterday and
today, I fired up Vim to a nice blank screen and was actually going to
start writing docstrings and my first test for the class I have not
yet written, but have been thinking about, when I realized that the
method I was going to write a test for would not be an easy thing to
do.  Which made me realize that the method I was hoping to start
coding tonight was ill-conceived!  ARGH!  To bed I now go ... Is TDD
the programmer's version of writer's block?  ~(:>)


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