[Tutor] pip install in a virtualenv *without* internet?

Albert-Jan Roskam sjeik_appie at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 19 20:26:36 CEST 2015

> Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 09:49:43 -0700
> From: marc.tompkins at gmail.com
> To: tutor at python.org
> Subject: Re: [Tutor] pip install in a virtualenv *without* internet?
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 9:18 AM, Alex Kleider <akleider at sonic.net> wrote:
> > I guess if you 'never' have an internet connection what I'm trying to do
> > won't work,
> > but I'm addressing a different use case:  I have connectivity in some
> > environments
> > but would like to be able to do a pip install at times when there is no
> > connectivity.
> I'm wondering: does the solution absolutely have to involve pip?  I ask
> because I first started with Python right about the time pip was being
> created, and I didn't actually start using it until about a year ago  Prior
> to that, I downloaded my dependencies on my development machine, saved them
> to a flash drive, and wrote a script (well, technically a batch file - most
> of my clients use Windows) to automate offline installations.

The goal is most important: the installation should "just work", so "python setup.py install --user" for everything that is needed (in a .bat) might also work. 
Btw, today I found out about the pip option "--target" that allows you to install to an alternative path. Handy in case you (like me) don't necessarily have write access to site-packages. You do need to prepend it to PYTHONPATH. That's nicer than prepending to sys.path, IMHO.
> pip is certainly more convenient, and I'm quite grateful to its developers
> - but it's a relatively recent solution to the problem, and it's far from
> the only way to do things.

I agree, but there could also be too many options (do we still need easy_install?). As if the ideal situation is yet to come. I played a bit with conda install and it seems *very* convenient. Like a combination of setuptools, pip, pythonbrew and virtualenv/wrapper.  


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