[Tutor] Making Doubly Linked List with Less Lines of Code.

WolfRage wolfrage8765 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 15:47:34 CET 2015

On 01/02/2015 12:28 AM, Dave Angel wrote:
> On 01/01/2015 11:48 PM, WolfRage wrote:
>> Final Code Using 2d List instead of Doubly Linked List.
> Please don't top-post.  Instead, post your comments inline with the 
> parts of the previous message to which you're responding.
I did reply in-line, but it appears even though I selected plan-text 
only. Thunderbird still messed it up. Not much I can do about that. 
Sorry I am used to top posting. But the rest of my response was in-line 
even if Thunderbird messed it up.
> Is there a reason you doublespaced the whole thing?  And why did you 
> retype it instead of just copy/pasting it?  And why lose the 
> indentation, so nobody can actually try it without guessing at your 
> indentation?
No I did not double-space it, not in what I sent or was shown by 
I definitely did not re-type it, I copy and pasted. But it seems that 
Thunderbird has a real hard time when also replying in-line to quotes.
As far as the rest I will repost with just the code so that hopefully it 
is not messed up as I imagine that made it incredibly hard to read.

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