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On 04Jan2015 21:33, Alex Kleider <akleider at sonic.net> wrote:
>On 2015-01-04 18:39, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>>Hi Connor, and welcome. My response is below.
>It might be helpful to add to what Steven has told you:
>I use GNU/Linux but my wife uses Apple products and my limited 
>experience with them is that typing python at the command line will 
>get you python2.7.
>If you need python3, it won't be so simple.

It really isn't very hard though.

>With Linux (at least Ubuntu 14.04) you need only type python3 instead 
>of python.

With linux: provided you've installed python 3. Our ubuntu box also has python3 
to hand; I forget whether I installed it specially.

My Mac is the same; you will need to add python 3. There are third party 
systems for adding most UNIX software not already present (a Mac has a pretty 
decent UNIX setup anyway, being UNIX Inside:-).

HomeBrew, Fink and MacPorts are popular. You can use any or all of them; they 
generally do not conflict.

I use MacPorts.

For MacPorts and probably the others you will need a C compiler, so you will 
need to go to the App Store and fetch XCode (it is free); that is the Mac 
compiler suite.

You can fetch MacPorts itself here:


Then install python 3 by issuing the command:

  sudo port install python34

what as I type gets you python 3.4.2. The command:

  port search python

found the name "python34" for me towards the bottom of the listing.

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