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Cameron Simpson cs at zip.com.au
Tue Jan 6 22:22:35 CET 2015

On 06Jan2015 11:43, Norman Khine <norman at khine.net> wrote:
>i have the following code:
>#t(" ")
>gettext_re = re.compile(r"""[t]\((.*)\)""").findall

My first thought is: "[t]"  can just be written "t"
>so, gettext_re = re.compile(r"""[t]\((.*)\)""").findall is not correct as
>it includes
>results such as input( type="hidden" name="_csrf" value=csrf_token )
>what is the correct way to pull all values that are within t(" ") but
>exclude any tt( ) and input( )

Others have suggested word boundaries and nongreedy matches. You don't need 

Use this:


which matches any "foo(blah)".

Then look at the returned match object and check that .group(1) == "t".

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